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Who Can Help Me Choose a College Major?

by Gary Anderson, former college Career Center Director and high school career choice advisor

Most colleges and university require that you declare a major sometime during your sophomore year. Yet many students have not given a serious amount of thought in choosing their college major, and don't have any idea on who can help them choose a college major. Here are some resources that can help you choose a college major:

Most students will maximize their success by matching their interests and abilities with their choice of a college major.

Your Professors

Talk with your professors about your thoughts on a college major, whether you have taken a class with them or not. Many instructors and professors have worked in the field that they teach and most will have valuable advice about careers and career opportunities that may be available upon graduation.

Other Students

If you know any upperclassmen that are majoring in the field that you are interested in, ask them for some advice. Many of these students have already worked in internships or summer employment in the field of your college major and their experiences can help you choose if that major is right for you.

Your Parents

Believe it or not, a student's parents can often provide good advice when you are choosing a college major -- after all, who knows you better?

Career Assessments

Visit your college's career center and see if they provide online or other types of career assessment tests. These tools often help you focus what may be a good match for a college major based upon your own personal interests. If your university's career center does not have an assessment available, you can take the Career Liftoff Online Interest Inventory for only $19.95. This online interest inventory will take around 1 hour to complete, and is available for you anytime via the Internet.


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